Works in Progress

When I conceive of an idea for a new sculpture I do rough working drawings to develop the overall design of the piece. A good sculpture, no matter what the subject, realism or abstract, must have form, flow and balance. See the finished piece.

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When I am happy with the design; I pose and photograph my model. Most of the people that pose for me are cowboys or characters I know. I take a lot of photographs around them, changing lenses so that I can even get "close-ups" of position of a hand or wrinkle in the fabric.

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When I am ready to start the sculpture I build an armature (support system). The armature has to be constructed in correct proportions to the scale of the sculpture. I use pipe and aluminum wire. the wire can be moved as the sculpture evolves. I then start sculpting the clay.

"Saturday Night", my newest sculpture, was on display for the first time at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Below you can see the final stages of the process.

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